i-Diagnosis  provides comprehensive GPS, GPRS based Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management solutions covering hardware and software. These solutions provide safety, security, requirement compliance and enhance productivity of the Fleet. These solutions not only provide Real Time location of any vehicle of the fleet but also cater to various requirements like Speed Monitoring, Fuel Monitoring, Temprature Monitoring and Image Mmonitoring. Vehicle Movements can be monitored using Alerts when  vehicle moves in or out of any Geo-fenced area or Geo-fenced route. Vehicle movement, stoppage data and replay provides planning most economical route / optimized route and Performance Monitoring can be automated and processes related to Fleet can be made more effective and controlled. Each Indusrty segment has their own requiremments like reefer require temperature monitoring and Ambulances can be fitted with Telemedicine facility to save precious lives. Such integrated solutions are being provided by i-Diagnosis.

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